Adopting a Bishel Dragon

At Bishen Realm, Bishel dragons are adopted out to qualified applicants so that the dragon species can explore and evolve.  To learn more about Bishel dragons, visit the Dragons section of Bishen Realm.

Adoption Process

Regardless of what type of Bishel dragon you choose to adopt, the process is much the same:

  1. Apply for a dragon.
    When dragons are available, a journal entry will be made on the DeviantArtBishenRealm DeviantArt group detailing what's up for adoption.   Usually, a clutch of dragon eggs will be available. Any registered user on DeviantArt who has joined the group as a member can comment on the journal entry with an application.
  2. Receive a dragon.
    I select the winning applicants and notify them via note on DeviantArt.  I will also update the journal post with the final results.  Egg/dragon images will be available for viewing in on DeviantArt, as linked from the post.
  3. Request the next stage.
    If you have received a dragon egg, you continue to work on your submission and submit at least one new piece to earn the wyrm stage, the first stage after a Bishel dragon egg hatches.  You comment on the group's Stage Requests journal post with your stage application.  If the application is approved, I add your dragon's next stage to my to-do list and notify you when I have uploaded the finished art to DeviantArt.
  4. Continue requesting new stages.
    The same stage request process continues as you earn your Bishel dragon's shrape and Bishen stages.  Bishen stage is considered the adult stage for a Bishel dragon.  If you desire, you can continue to earn more stages for your dragon even after they have reached adulthood.  Some adopters like to do this to obtain a newer piece of artwork or to add in new details from their stories.  This also applies if you adopt an adult dragon.

Submission Format

For each dragon application or stage request, you are required to create a submission piece.  Each piece you submit should develop your dragon's story or environment.  Works can be in any form that can be accessed by the public online.  Common formats are web pages, writing, comics, and other visual artwork, but you should by no means be limited by this.

I use your submissions to determine how your dragon will develop, both physical characteristics and innate abilities.  That is why it is important to characterize the dragon's surroundings.  Beyond this, there are few limitations on what you can submit.

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