Growing Your Dragon to a Bishen

Obtaining an Egg

When eggs are available for adoption, a journal post will be made on the DeviantArtBishenRealm DeviantArt group.  To apply for an egg, you must create at least one submission piece that gives a sense of the place your dragon will live.  Things to include could be a description of the environment, characterization of your dragon's caretaker or bondmate, or background information for your world.   You should not describe your dragon beyond its egg stage, as I will choose your dragon's appearance based upon the environment you create and the story you tell.  Many people choose writing as their medium, but entries can be in any art form that tells a story and can be posted online.  You are welcome to create more than one piece for your application.

Remember to include a link back to the Bishen Realm website on every piece.  When you are ready, fill out the posted application and put it into a comment on the journal post with link(s) to your submission piece(s).  I will quickly review the application and make certain nothing is missing.  If there is a problem, I will give you the opportunity to correct it.

After the clutch is closed, I will announce the chosen applicants and post egg pictures.  In most cases, you will know at this point whether your dragon is male or female.  Hirgyae eggs will also have a name provided in the Old Language.  For Machesri eggs, you are welcome to name your egg if you wish, although you are not required to select a name until your egg hatches.

Requesting Your Wyrm

The hatchling stage of a Bishel dragon is a wyrm.  In order to request your wyrm stage, you must create a new piece for your dragon story.  Incubation time is very important for setting the color of your dragon in both Machesri and Hirgyae clans.  For Hirgyae clan dragons, your dragon's type will also be set while incubating in the egg.  It is very important for your piece to further describe the egg's surroundings.  You can tell stories that happen to the egg or just add more detail to your environment.  Please do not describe your hatched dragon, as you cannot request certain colors or traits.  Again, you can submit more than one piece if you wish.

Fill out the provided form and post a comment on the Stage Request post with link(s) to your submission.  I will review the request, and if there are no problems to be fixed, your dragon's next stage will be added to my to-do list.  I will post your dragon's new stage and send you a note when the wyrm stage is ready.

For Machesri dragons, I will ask you to give your dragon a name at this point.

Requesting Your Shrape

For Machesri clan dragons, their type is set while in the wyrm stage, so it is important for you to characterize their environment well.   For both Machesri and Hirgyae, wyrms may also begin to develop predilections for certain types of magic.  Hirgyae wyrms take selecting their magic very seriously, as they will be expected to begin training as soon as they are shrapes.  Keep in mind that wyrms are too young to manifest true magical abilities.  This is more a time for exploring their world, figuring out what they like and don't like, and learning how to interact with their environment and the people in it.

You must create at least one new piece and then submit a Stage Request for your dragon's shrape stage.  When your shrape stage is ready, I will post it and notify you via a note.  More information will be provided about your dragon at this point.

Hirgyae dragons need to choose an additional name at this point.  The name must be in the Old Language, and it should have a descriptive quality to it.  Many shrapes select a name or phrase that describes their chosen magic or desired abilities.

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Requesting Your Bishen

The Bishen stage differs in that it is not a new dragon graphic.  This stage is simply the dragon acquiring magic of its own.  In some cases, I may add magical objects or characteristics to the dragon's shrape stage image, but for the most part, you will not receive a new image for your dragon's Bishen stage.

The development of Machesri and Hirgyae dragons differ slightly when shrapes are learning to become full Bishen.  While shrapes are fully grown, they are still trying to develop their magical talents.  For the Machesri, shrapes are given a magical object at a ceremony known as the Shantel.  In the past, this ceremony often took place as a large gathering, but with the distance separating clutchmates growing, most of the time a messenger will deliver your dragon's magical object.  Shrapes should explore their magical inclinations and develop an idea of where their strengths lie.  Their magical object often matches these talents.  You can even include your dragon requesting its Shantel from Bishen Realm in your story.

For Hirgyae dragons, no magical objects are allowed.  Shrapes must train and develop their own attacks or abilities based upon their inherent magical gifts.  The attack or ability must be shown to a member of their clan, usually the Kailan.  If it is acceptable, it will be given a formal name in the Old Language.  Be sure to include a description of your dragon performing its ability or attack in your submission.

When you are ready for the Bishen stage, submit a Stage Request.  I will assign a magical object, attacks, and/or abilities to your dragon.  I also will write a short description of the events surrounding your dragon's Shantel or demonstration to the Hirgyae Kailan.  You may choose to include this material in your story in the future.  Once your dragon has been given its first magical object or learned its first magical ability, it is considered a Bishen.

Continuing Your Dragon's Story

You can continue to develop your dragon after the Bishen stage is reached.  Adult Bishen can take mates, have their own egg clutches, or continue their training.  You can post requests for these things, all of which require more pieces of your dragon's story be submitted.  You can even request new Bishen stages if your story dictates a change in appearance or you just want a newer piece of art.  How much effort you put into your dragon is up to you!

You can submit Stage Addition Requests to have your current stage image changed or go for a completely new Bishen stage as a Stage Request.

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