Dragon Mating and Requesting Clutches


Machesri dragons especially have a tendency to make a life bond with a mate.  Courting dragons often exchange gifts or carry on other flirtations.  Mated dragons bond strongly, almost as strong as a bondmate connection, and they often live together.  This can prove problematic for bondmates of these dragons, unless one or both is willing to move.  Some mates remain apart for long periods and visit each other occasionally, only linked by their telepathic connection and more normal correspondence, such as letters.

If you wish for two dragons to become mates, you must create a submission describing the meeting and courtship of the two dragons.  You should work with the other dragon's adopter (if both dragons are not your own) to create the submission(s).  The adopters responsible for both dragons then must submit a Mate Request so I know that both adopters are on board.  This does not mean there has to be more than one submission piece; you can both link to the same piece if you desire.  Once I receive a post from each adopter and check the submission(s), the dragons become a mated pair.

These dragons mate for life.  If you want to break a mate bond, you'll have to make a pretty good submission and request to do so.  You can do so on the Mate Requests journal post.  There are negative emotional consequences to breaking such a bond.

Note that Bishen Realm accepts both mixed and same sex pairings, although same sex pairings cannot clutch unless their adopters make an extremely good submission for it.

Unlike the Machesri, Hirgyae do not often form mated pairs.  A Hirgyae female usually selects a male on a per-clutch basis, looking for the strongest and fittest father for her clutch.  While it is common for these dragons to associate in tight groups, and often a given male will be the dominant choice, females do not usually form any sort of bond with that male.


I will occasionally make a journal post on the DeviantArtBishenRealm DeviantArt group asking for clutch submissions.  A story submission should be made for the dragons involved, although the exact details differ depending on the type of clutch.

When clutches are accepted, each adopter involved receives one egg of their choice from the clutch.  If there is only one adopter for both dragons, only one egg is given.  I like to let adopters work out who gets what egg, but if you cannot agree or need a tie breaker, I will roll a die for you.


Machesri dragons should be mated before requesting a clutch.  Both adopters need to make a request (if both dragons are not owned by the same adopter).  This does not mean there needs to be more than one submission; you can both link to the same submission.

If you wish to make a clutch request for an unmated pair, this falls into the Special category below, as do clutches for same-sex mated pairs.


Hirgyae do not need to be mated to clutch.  When I ask for submissions, any mature female may ask for a clutch.  She may select any breedable Hirgyae male to father her clutch.  While you do not need the male's adopter to consent, it often helps if you coordinate with them and work together on a submission.  If you own the male dragon, you will have to have the female's adopter also post a request.

Special Clutches

Same-sex clutches, clutches between dragons from different clans, and clutches for Portal clan dragons fall into this special category.  These types of clutches are considered rare.  The rules are variable, and you may choose to follow any model you wish for the relationship between the dragons involved.  Both adopters will have to post submissions.  These types of clutches are usually only granted to Platinum Star parents or higher due to their rarity.  You also must make a substantial submission to trigger this sort of clutch.

The general rule is that anything is possible, but you have to submit the material to support it.

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