Adoption Rules

Here are the rules and requirements for adopting a Bishel dragon from Bishen Realm:

  1. You must be a registered DeviantArt user.
    All adoptions now take place on DeviantArt, and you must be registered to submit an application.  The site is free to join, and it also makes a handy place to host your dragon stories and artwork.  You are not required to upload anything to DeviantArt.
  2. You must join the DeviantArtBishenRealm DeviantArt group.
    The DeviantArt group is the hub of all activity for Bishen Realm and dragon adoptions, giving users a common place to receive updates and participate in activities.  While anyone can view the group, only members can post or make submissions.  After registering on DeviantArt, simply visit the group page and click the Join our Group button on the side menu.
  3. Submissions must be accessible to the public online.
    Stories or dragon environments must be submitted in a form that can be linked to and visited by the public online.  This means a place hosted on the web somewhere that does not require a person to register or log in to view your work.
  4. Submissions must link back to the Bishen Realm website at
    Every single piece of work must have a link back to Bishen Realm.  This link can be text or a link image, and it can either be incorporated into the work or placed in a description of the work.  It should be easily visible on the same page as your work.
  5. All resources used in your submissions must be properly credited.
    Always use resources in accordance with the creator's terms, and do not use the creations of others without permission. Online resources like web graphics, stock photos, fonts, and brushes almost always have terms of use, so be certain you read and follow them. Bishen Realm has its own set of Image Usage Terms that you should review carefully.  I take copyright seriously and ask that you respect the time and effort others spend on their creations.
  6. A warning must be placed on submissions with mature content.
    I ask that you please put a clearly visible rating or warning on any work above a "PG" rating.  Think "safe for a ten year old" or Harry Potter level.  Bishen Realm adopts to a mixed community of younger and older adopters, and I would like to make sure that no one sees anything they really don't want to see.  This includes violence, gore, sexual content, references to drugs and illegal activity, etc. If you ever aren't sure about something, ask me or the rest of the adoption community for an outside opinion.
  7. Hate-based or lewd submissions are not accepted.
    Works that promote things like racism and pornography cannot be accepted at Bishen Realm.  Yes, I understand the difference between your character doing something illegal and you promoting it, but let's not get excessive.  If you ever wonder if something is acceptable, just ask.
  8. All submissions must remain online for your dragon to be active.
    If any submission goes offline, your dragon is considered inactive. For you to do anything with your dragon (request new stages, mate, have clutches, etc.), all pieces you have submitted over your dragon's life must be posted online. If you no longer wish for your dragon to be active, there is no penalty for submissions going offline, meaning that Bishen Realm dragons do not become abandoned in the traditional sense.  See the group journal post about Reactivating a Dragon if you want to make your dragon active again.

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