Image Usage Terms

When you adopt from Bishen Realm, you can use images of your dragon and items in certain ways.  Note that these terms only apply to dragons you have adopted and other images you have been awarded; you cannot use images belonging to other adopters.

You May:

  • Display the image with a link back to Bishen Realm at
    The link back can be in the form of displayed URL text, linked text, or a linked image.
  • Alter the image to make derivative works for your own, personal use.
    This includes things like cropping, resizing, adding text and borders, etc. to make avatars or other web graphics for your own use.
  • Display your derivative works anywhere you see fit with a link back to Bishen Realm.

You May NOT:

  • Trade, redistribute, or readopt your image or derivative works.
    Only you have permission to use the image.  The only "distribution" right you have is to display the works with a link back to Bishen Realm.
  • Claim the image is your own artwork.
    Although you can create derivative works, you must always credit me with a link back to Bishen Realm.
  • Use the image or derivative works for any commercial purpose.
    You cannot sell the works, sell merchandise with the works printed on it, use the works in advertisements, etc.  If you're making money, you're violating this term.

My Rights

While I create each image based upon your story or environment, it is my artwork. I reserve all rights to sell and distribute the image. If you are not comfortable with your dragon characters being used by me in support of Bishen Realm, please do not adopt from me. I may use the images in the following ways:

  • I will upload and display the image around the web to show off my work and attract new adopters. I may or may not credit you on the posts, but I will link back to the original deviation so that users may visit and read the dragon's information, which includes the fact that you are the adopter.
  • If I have images of the appropriate resolution, I may sell printed merchandise. The profits from this merchandise are not vast, and my total profits for the year, at least at this point, are not apt to even cover my annual web hosting costs. Selling merchandise is more for the benefit of adopters. Or just so I can order little dragon magnets and stick them all over my refrigerator. <_<
  • I will not readopt or sell the same image/character to someone else. Every adoption is unique. In the past, dragons at Bishen Realm used to become abandoned and be readopted, but I no longer follow this adoption model. Dragons now become inactive, and I will not give them to a new adopter.

A Note on Image Format

I currently save everything in PNG format.  If you have designed a web page habitat for your dragon with a specific background color, I will often paint the dragon on that color background so it matches the "lighting" on your page.

When I upload images to DeviantArt, I often use a larger resolution so people can appreciate the detail work.  I may also fill in the background of this display image with a solid base color so viewing is easier on the eyes.

In cases where you have submitted a web page habitat, I will automatically generate a smaller, fully transparent PNG for use on the web.  After I post your dragon stage, I will send you a link to download the web graphic from my account.  If you ever misplace this image or need one provided, please send me a note on the group and let me know.

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