Bishel Dragon Familiars

Some creatures are known to associate with Bishel dragons as familiars. Many common familiar magic species may choose a dragon to bond with, and all of those will not be covered here. This article will instead cover familiars only known to associate with Bishel dragons.


Sufan are small magical beings that embody certain forces and virtues. They are a physical manifestation of an abstract. These furry creatures resemble a mixture of ferret and dragon, with four short legs and a long, flexible body. Each coloration of sufan represents a different abstract.

All Bishel dragons hold sufan sacred. They are said to be gifts from the universal energy. Dragons are honored to become caretakers of sufan, and they will protect any sufan they encounter. Sufan, for their part, are happy to be pampered. They cannot create sounds nor speak telepathically, but they have an odd way of making those around them understand what they want. They seem to have the power to compel others. Some of them abuse this power a little, and all sufan think they deserve to be treated as queens.

These creatures are neutral in nature and have no defined sex. It is not known how they come into being, as they do not appear to breed or have young. Sufan have not been seen for over a century; the Dark War that began long ago drove them away. The reappearance of sufan is a good sign for the Bishel dragons. These creatures act as companions for Bishel dragons, as long as they are kept warm, safe, and happy. They also provide dragons with divine aid, specializing in their type. A Peace sufan, for example, can help quell a battle or ease the torment of another.

Sufan do not act as companions to other species. They seem to wander until they find a suitable Bishel dragon companion and cannot be adopted. Often, sufan arrive as presents or prizes to adopters at Bishen Realm, especially those who have taken good care of their Bishel dragons. Some dragons may choose to give their sufan a nickname, although it is up to the individual sufan whether it will respond to the name or not.

Sufan Varieties

These are the known types and their colorations. More may be discovered as time goes on and more sufan return.


  • Fortune -- mint green
  • Health -- peach
  • Luck -- white
  • Peace -- sky blue
  • Wisdom -- medium gray


  • Charity -- light pink
  • Faith -- light yellow
  • Fortitude -- dark green
  • Hope -- light lavender
  • Justice -- navy blue
  • Prudence -- deep plum
  • Temperance -- tan
  • Diligence -- dark blue gray


  • Ocean -- aqua to pale seafoam
  • Forest -- medium green
  • Desert -- light tan, speckled with dark
  • Mountain -- calico (black, gray, light gray)
  • Mist -- ashy lavender

Bishen Realm

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