Bishel Dragon Clans - Portal Clans

There are many different clans of Bishel Dragons out there, and quite a few have become known or directly arrived at Bishen Realm. Below are the known Portal types and any known characteristics.


The only known dragon of this clan is severely mutated by exposure to aether. She has a six-limbed body structure, although she only has four front legs. Added to that are all sorts of weaponry and fluorescence. She has also become more bony, although some of that is due to malnutrition. Normal dragons of her clan are more like the Machesri in appearance, but claws, sharp horns, and hybrid types are more common. Bishel Dragons are very rare on this world, and most live underground to escape discovery.

Ancient Japan

This clan is rumored to be extinct in modern times. They are not descended from the same Bishel Dragons as the Machesri, as this clan had all but died out even before the Great War. They are one of the more ancient clans of Bishel Dragons. Members of this clan are usually Marine or Marine hybrids. They all possess ear and tail fins. At birth, the fins are dull, matching the dragon's hide. When a shrape reaches maturity, its fins will change to more brilliant hues, indicating that it has become a Bishen. The color of the Bishen's fins indicates its primary breath weapon. Many dragons of this clan develop magical flight capabilities when they become older; young dragons will stick to whatever element they feel most at home in, usually a body of water. This clan has an inherent skill with magic. Many do not bother to hone their magic beyond flight and their first breath weapon, but for those who put in the effort, additional abilities are easy to pick up. Males of this clan have manes and beards; the females have only a mane or no hair at all. The hair grows in as they mature; most have only a few tufts of hair when they first become Bishen. Eye color varies, but most have colorful, cat-like eyes. Though dragons of this clan hatch small, only slightly larger than the size of a Machesri, they continue to grow for as long as they live. The eldest can reach monstrous sizes. These dragons are usually solitary, meeting only occasionally with other members of their clan. Young dragons are guarded fiercely by their mother until they become Bishen and have a breath weapon with which to defend themselves. Then, they go out into the world to find their own territory. There are sometimes conflicts over territory and food. This clan's population was never very large, which may be why they have all but disappeared.

The known male has a long, Marine-like body. He is a mature dragon, sporting a full, black beard and mane, and he has grown to over fifty feet in length over the centuries. His hide is deep red with darker scales. He has four stunted legs and two stunted wings, making him a tri-type hybrid. His ear and tail fins are brilliant yellow streaked with orange and red, indicating his primary breath weapon, fire. He has talons on his feet and dark green eyes. He has spent time honing his magic and learning to access the elements of fire, water, and wind.

Ancient Stone

The known male is long dead, but his spirit still walks the earth and manifests itself corporeally every now and then as a messenger of Gratira. He is Terran, with rocky, dark grey skin and smooth, hard light grey belly and back scales. He has spiralling horns of dark grey and silver eyes. His feet have talons. It is thought that his ancient clan might be the ancestors of the Stone Terran who came through to Bishen Realm.

Also see Stone.

Autumn Leaves

The known Arboreal female has shiny olive green skin. Her thin horns curve back and are frilled with leathery, leafy feathers of red, orange, and yellow. Her underside and wings are also covered in these leafy feathers. Her eyes are dark amber. She wears a Sideslip Drop and has the ability of Mirage.


This male dragon is actually from an unknown clan, and is of unknown type and color, since his egg has been incorporated into a highly sophisticated biomechanical body.

Blood Forest

The Blood Forest Portals have adapted to life in the dark forest. Members of this clan are very small; they are almost half the size of an average Machesri. They have thick hides, dark and dusky and a bit brownish in their colorations. Some have fuzzy manes or tail fur. Their scales are rough and slightly leathery. Their back scales extend down their skull to the end of their nose. Arboreals are usually Arboreal-Terran hybrids with talons on their wings. The Terrans spend most of their lives burrowing under the forest floor, with short, stunted legs if they have any at all. Marines are very rare, inhabiting the rare ponds in the woods.

Code Data

The known Terran female is composed of energy. She lives in the world of computers as energy and bits of code, and thus, manifests herself visually at times. At these times, she is sparkling and possesses a translucent quality. Her back scales are jagged and alternately red, orange, and yellow, as are her belly scales. She has a spikey tail tuft. She has two, antler-like horns, and dark, orange-hued eyes. She sparks and lights with electricity and lines of code, and her entire body emits a faint glow. She possesses the abilities of Code Rewrite and Surge.


This clan is shining and crystalline in appearance. Their female eggs are deep, sparkling blue with refractive, silverish spots. The known female wyrm has pale aqua, sparkling skin with dark grey-blue eyes and belly scales. Her back spines are fragments of clear, sparkling crystal. She is also a Speaker, possessing a Speaker's Orb, which makes it possible for her to train to connect and communicate with other Speakers.

Dark Autumn

The known Terran male is very old, predating even the Great War. It is likely, therefore, that this clan is not descended from the Machesri, but rather was in existance outside of the Bishel Homeland clan. He is dark black, with dark, mottled, leaf-like scales of orange and red. His eyes are dark and reddish hued, and he has a grassy beard and tail tuft of brown. his horns are glossy and multisheened with orange and red, and he has a third, smaller horn on his forehead, muzzle, and nose. He has the abilities of Passing Time and Searing Gale.


This clan appears to be adapted to underground survival. Their male eggs are pale taupe with pale green spots. Their wyrms are hatched without type developed. The known male has deep taupe skin, with a hard, dark amber back ridge and smooth, amber belly scales. His two stunted front appendages have two long, amber claws.  A set of amber spurs appear where the hind legs would be located. He has a long, pointed, amber tail spike. The male is blind, with blank, white eyes. At this point, he is assumed to be a Terran type of his clan.


The one dragon of this type has a completely unknown clan. Its soul was placed into a living doll body, made of indestructible wood and metal. There is no telling what clan this dragon was from or what characteristics it might have had.


This clan developed in the magical land of Duskwood. The known Blue Terran-Arboreal female has skin of grey-blue, with shiny obsidian claws, back scales, and belly scales. Her eyes are reflective, glowing blue. She has bioluminescent spots along her face and on either side of her spine. Her four wings are light and gossamer dragonfly energy wings. Blue flames sprout from her legs and tail tip. She has control over Blue Fire Magic and the ability of Flight.

Fire Surfer

This clan is adapted to extreme heat and has heavy fire magic. The known Arboreal male has deep red, reflective skin with fiery crystalline eyes and belly scales. He has no back scales. His neck mane, wings, and tail fin are made of fire. He can perform a Fire Breath attack.

Forsaken Realm

This clan lives in the Forsaken Realm and is most likely closely linked with the Machesri clan. They are larger than dragons of the Machesri clan. Dragons of his clan have more strongly-contrasting colorations than the Machesri--the hide colorations are darker, and the scale colorations are lighter. Members of this clan often have markings in the form of stripes or points. In this clan, the back scales have joined into a single, serrated scale ridge. Above their brow ridges, these dragons have scaly, serrated ridges that run the length of their skulls rather than traditional horns. Their types are similar to Machesri types, but Marine types often develop front and tail fins. Arboreals often have tail fins as well. This clan develops their type at shrapehood. They obtain their magical abilities through Magical Objects given when they are ready to become Bishen. In the forest, most dragons are of the Arboreal type and live in the trees to avoid the predators that stalk the ground. They are active during the day and sleep in protective groups at night.

Fractured Apocalypse

This clan seems adapted to a strange and chaotic environment. The known female of this clan is highly mutated, and it is therefore difficult to tell what aspects normal members of her clan share. Her hide is iridescent fuchsia and reflects in shades of red and yellow. Her wing membranes are a reflective red. Her belly scales are round and divided down the center, so each row is actually two scales instead of the traditional one. They are also reflective red, as are her back scales. It is difficult to say whether others of her species share her stranger characteristics, which include three tails, spines, large talons, and fangs.

Furry Ice

This clan appears adapted to a cold climate. Their female eggs are dark grey with fuchsia-purple spots, and their wyrms are hatched without type developed. The known Terran female has pale pink skin and deep purple, leathery belly scales and paw pads. Much of this is covered by a thick, long coat of purple fur. At wyrm stage, the fur manifested as a full back and neck mane and tail tuft, and as she matured, the coat grew in more, covering her neck, legs, lower face, and tail. She has black claws and deep black eyes. Her body seems longer and shorter legged than Machesri Terrans, and she is of small size. She has developed the ability to imbue objects with magic, and thus, become a creator of Magical Objects. She can also use these Magical Objects.


Montane Portals are larger and more muscular than Machesri clan dragons. Their colorations are darker, with the scales and wing membranes being more dusky and the hides being more glossy. They have large talons and long, spiraling horns, both usually black. Their eyes match their base coloration. These dragons travel alone or in pairs, keeping large territories. About every seven years, there is a larger gathering.  Dragons use this gathering to obtain Magical Objects, find mates, fight others for ranking purposes, and exchange information.


This clan seems adapted to warmer, more exotic locations, the first known male being found in Ghana, Africa. The known male of this clan is Terran type. He is a slightly iridescent blue color, with black markings that resemble those of a civet. He has claws and fangs. His eyes are a blood red color, and his back and belly scales are dark and shine red. His legs are slightly shorter than those of a Machesri or Hirgyae.


The known Terran male is very short-legged, but stout and powerful. He is covered in black spines, talons, and horns that glow red and are extremely poisonous. His feet have only one talon on each, but is it long, curving, and retractable. His tail ends in a poisonous, scorpion-like stinger. His skin is dark, earthy maroon, and his belly scales are dark and glow red, as do his eyes. He also has armor on the back of his skull and neck. He is very poisonous, including his saliva. He wears a Bloodstone.


The Polaris clan is a powerful but reclusive Bishel dragon clan. They are average size, only slightly larger than the Machesri. Polaris clan eggs are pearly white, with a greenish sheen for males and a bluish sheen for females. As the eggs develop, the spots on the eggs change color. The color of the spots indicates the dragon's base coloration. By the time it hatches, each dragon has developed two colorations, a base coloration that directs their general strengths and abilities, and a secondary coloration that influences their personality and may give them other possible abilities. The dragon appears to be the base coloration with an added iridescent sheen over the top in their secondary coloration. Wyrms do not have their type determined when they hatch. All dragons in the Polaris clan have silver eyes. They also have many different types of horns, and a dragon's horns help determine its rank in the clan. When they develop their types as shrapes, they are most often hybrid types. Dragons of a single type are rare. Polaris clan dragons develop magical abilities and attacks to become Bishen, and they do not often use Magical Objects.

Sea Shimmer

This clan appears very Marine in nature. The known female has shimmering, multisheened aqua skin and smooth, sheened lavender belly scales. She has no back scales. Her eyes are deep, reflective aqua. Her head horns are very short, and she has a smooth, pearl-like gem embedded in her forehead. She has two long, suction-padded tentacles in front and a long tail that ends with a very large, ribbed fin. She is a Speaker, and possesses a Speaker's Orb which allows her to communicate with other Speakers. She also wears Sea Gem Jewelry and has the ability to alter her coloration temporarily and produce a white beam of energy. Her type is uncertain.


This clan is named for the area in Rhul in which they were found. Their male eggs are pearly white with dark blue spots. Their wyrms hatch without type developed. The known Terran male is completely pearly white. He has deep blue eyes. He also has spiral-pattered spines on his tail, and a spiraling unicorn-like horn. He has large talons, and a pale neck mane.

Smoke Spirit

The known Arboreal male is incorporeal. He has dark green skin, lighter green belly scales, and no back scales. He also has lighter green, curving horns, and his eyes are glowing light green. His two wings are made of thick, green smoke. He has the abilities of Invisibility, Spirit Call, and Strange Aura.


This clan has thick skin of a stoney texture; it is very hard to cut them. Their back and belly scales are even harder and less flexible. Their male eggs are dark grey with lighter grey, metallic spots. Stone wyrms are hatched without their type developed. They seem to be distrustful of humans and bonding. The known Terran has dark grey skin, lighter grey, jagged back and belly scales, two curving brown horns, and sharp, goat-like hooves, as well as tufts of muted green, grassy hair.

Also see Ancient Stone.


The members of this clan seem adapted to life in an urban environment, which is very rare for dragons. Subway clan dragons are large in the world of Bishel Dragons, closest in size to the Hirgyae. Their thick hides have a slightly pearlescent appearance; they seem to shift slightly depending on the light. These dragons' scales are hard and slightly translucent. They have hard, serrated horns and tail spines, as well as bony, curving back scales. On females, the back scales appear only on the neck, mid- to lower back, and halfway down the tail, leaving the shoulders and parts of the tail bare. On the males, the back scales are larger and run the length of the spine, but vary in size, so as to be smallest in the locations where the females lack them. Females have horns of average length, but the horns of males continue to grow throughout their lives, leaving mature males with long, arching horns. Males also have a second set of horns sprouting from the backs of their jaws; these horns also continue to grow as the dragons mature. All members of this clan possess talons. Terrans have four legs, but other types have not yet been identified.

Both known members of this clan are Terran. The female has a dull grey-green hide, with scales and spines of dark olive green and black talons. Her eyes are dark green-amber and very reflective. The male is an albino. His hide and spines lack pigment, although he is stained from his extended time in the grunge beneath the surface, especially his underside and talons. His eyes are the pigment-less pink of an albino, although they are also quite reflective.

Subway clan dragons may be solitary, but their social structure cannot be determined with only two known members of the clan. The female has a well-established territory, while the male seems to be a rover, perhaps searching for a territory of his own. He shows signs of having battled with other males.

The two known members of this clan create art: the male crafts metal jewelry, and the female has a variety of interests including drawing, scarrification, sculpting, and writing. The Subway clan society must, therefore, have concepts of art and beauty, as well as a written language.


Dragons of this clan have armor along their spine, belly, and around the end of the tail. They are usually patterned with stripes. All of them possess claws or, occasionally, talons. Tigerstrike dragons have reflective, night-vision eyes, though they vary in color. Bright light can temporarily blind these dragons, so they are active mainly at night and otherwise stick to the shadows. It is not known where these dragons come from, but their appearance suggests they are somehow related to the Hirgyae and Machesri clans.

The known male is a Black Terran with lighter armor and grey striping. He has reflective, purple eyes, claws, and a bladed tail spine. He has long been wandering the universe, and he spends every waking hour hunting and destroying zombies. Like other Black dragons, he is solitary and usually avoids other living creatures.


The known Marine female has dark, shining fuchsia skin and lighter, smooth back and belly scales. Her eyes are black with a pink glow. She wears a Cloak of Time and has the ability of Time Manipulation. She is very silent, never making noises and avoiding telepathy.

Bishen Realm

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