Bishel Dragon Colors - Nightsky

The page contains more detailed information on Bishel dragons with the Nightsky color mutation. A basic description of the mutation is available on the Colors page.

  • Nightsky dragons have moving, magical manifestations of cosmic bodies that rotate in and out of view.  The images shine and emit light but are only visible through the dragon's belly scales, back scales, and wing membranes.  With concentration and practice, the dragon can learn to control their movement, pulling all images out of view to go dark or pushing them into view to emit more light.
  • The hide and scales of Nightsky dragons have slightly different textures than other colors.  Normal Bishel dragon hide feels like tough skin, somewhere between human skin and leather.  Nightsky hide feels a bit more textured or "grippy" than normal, like the skin of a shark.  The back and belly scales of a Nightsky, which would be smooth and hard on a typical Machesri dragon, are also more textured and grabby.

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