Bishel Dragon Clans

 Clans are large groups of Bishel dragons.  Most clans are led by an individual called the Kailan.  Clans can be considered races or subspecies of Bishel dragons for the most part.  Appearance, development, traditions, and culture can differ widely between unrelated clans.

The Machesri Clan

The Machesri are by far the most common dragons adopted to outsiders, mostly because they originally founded Bishen Realm over thirty years ago.  They instituted the practice of bonding their eggs to outsiders in order to propagate the species and promote diversification among members of their clan.  Machesri clan dragons are relatively small and come in a wide variety of colors, although the most common colors by far are Green, Blue, and Red.  They do not develop their elemental type until shrape stage; wyrms are legless and wingless.  The three major types are Terran, Arboreal, and Marine, with hybrids being uncommon.  They often bond with other creatures, and due to this, the clan has developed many new and interesting mutations over the years.  This clan is by far the friendliest with humans and other sentient species, making it the most well known type of Bishel dragon.

The Hirgyae Clan

The Hirgyae are known as the dark cousins of the Machesri.  They stayed in the Bishel homeland long after the darkness claimed it and thus became twisted and mutated.  The colors of the Hirgyae are darker, and all types have heavy armor and sharp horns and claws.  There are many hybrid elemental types, and individuals of this clan develop both their color and type while in the egg so that wyrms are more fully developed upon hatching.  In general, members of this clan are much larger than the Machesri, and they are far more warlike and territorial.  They have a learned hatred of humans and elves.  Only to save their race did they agree to foster eggs through Bishen Realm.  These dragons rarely bond, and they require a much stronger hand than their Machesri counterparts to raise.

The Portal Clans

The rest of the Bishel dragon clans are collectively known as the Portal clans.  The first strange eggs arrived at Bishen Realm via a magical portal in the Realm Centre, earning them the nickname “Portals”.  These dragons are from clans long separated from the Machesri and Hirgyae, and thus, they differ greatly in appearance.  No other clans have formally made contact with Bishen Realm and the Machesri Kailan, but some eggs have been sent through.  It seems that word of the adoption program at Bishen Realm has spread, and other clans are tentatively trying to form ties.  Portals are often given a nickname for their clan to help group related individuals.  If, in the future, these clans formally make contact and introduce themselves, we will know more.  For now, these dragons are just strangers in a strange land.

Bishen Realm

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