Bishel Dragon Types

Each Bishel dragon develops an elemental type that dictates many of its physical characteristics.  Hirgyae clan dragons develop their type while incubating inside their eggs, and wyrms hatch with elemental type already set.  This means that the environment surrounding Hirgyae eggs heavily influences their type.  For the Machesri, dragons do not develop their type until they are physically mature shrapes.  Machesri wyrms are wingless and legless in appearance.  This gives Machesri wyrms the chance to adapt more carefully to their surroundings and lifestyle after hatching.

Dragon type is more an indicator of the dragon's lifestyle or vocation, but it does have some minor influences on magical ability.  In the Hirgyae clan especially, type is also related to a dragon's rank within the clan.

The core elemental types are Terran, Arboreal, and Marine.  Any combination of these types is known as a hybrid.  Hybrids are uncommon in the Machesri clan, but they are extremely common in the Hirgyae.  In fact, many hybrid types are actually more common than the pure elemental types in the Hirgyae clan.  When hybrids are described, their dominant type is often put first.

Machesri clan dragons tend to have four legs or two wings.  Hirgyae dragons are extremely variable and can have two to four limbs in various combinations, with six limbs rarely occurring.

Basic Types


Arboreal dragons have wings and no legs or Marine characteristics.  They are masters of the air and often act as the eyes of the clan.  Arboreals like to live in trees, on cliffs, or around other high structures.  They are most active during the day and return to their roosts at dusk.

Arboreal dragons are common in both the Machesri and Hirgyae clans.


Marine dragons are smooth, snake-like dragons with no wings or legs.  They are fastest in water and occasionally have fins to aid in swimming.  The Hirgyae consider this type weaker than the other types, but the Machesri value them for their abilities to explore underwater environments and harvest aqueous crops.  Most Marines eat fish and kelp and live anywhere there is adequate water in which to travel.

Marines are common in the Machesri and rare in the Hirgyae.


Terran dragons have legs and no wings or Marine characteristics.  They inhabit any land area and often live in burrows or tunnels.  Many Terrans are nocturnal and prefer the time just before dawn.

Terrans are the most common type in both Machesri and Hirgyae clans.

Hybrid Types


Arboreal-Marine hybrids usually have smaller wings than pure Arboreals and can be recognized by serpentine bodies and smooth armor or scales.  These dragons often live underwater, although some are able to fly and live more aerial lives.  They can be found in marshy areas or areas where the water is broken up by many barriers.  Flooded forests make the perfect habitat for dragons of this type.

Arboreal-Marine dragons are rare in the Machesri and uncommon in the Hirgyae.


Terran-Arboreals possess a combination of wings and legs with no Marine characteristics.  The Hirgyae clan considers Terran-Arboreals to be the best warriors and gives this type the highest rank.  Many have small or stunted wings and cannot fly.  They have a love of high places and are often avid climbers.

Terran-Arboreals are uncommon in the Machesri clan and common in the Hirgyae clan.


Terran-Marine hybrids can be difficult to identify.  The easiest ways to pinpoint this type are serpentine bodies, smooth armor and scales, and webbed feet.  Most of these hybrids live in the water, but some are able to travel easily on land.  Marshes, swamps, small islands, and inlets are the habitats preferred by this type.

Terran-Marines are rare in the Machesri clan and uncommon in the Hirgyae clan.


A mixture of all three types, these dragons can often be difficult to identify unless all three types have clear, physical manifestations. Dragons of this type are very rare in the Machesri clan.  While they probably exist in various forms in the Hirgyae, they are difficult to recognize and often classed as other types.

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