Bishel Dragons - Ini Sha'ferala

Ini Sha'ferala is the current Kailan of the Hirgyae clan, as mentioned in the Hirgyae clan history.

Basic Information

Role: Hirgyae Clan Kailan
Dragon: Ini Sha'ferala
Name Composition: inidyni isha fehrb tarala
Name Meaning: speed; all armored stubbornness
Description: Hirgyae Black Terran Female

Physical Description

'Ferala's armor is smoother and darker than your average Hirgyae armor. She has four large scars across her left shoulder running down toward her chest from being slashed by a demonic, mutant wolf or bear in a fight to defend the Hirgyae's original, dark territory. She has many other scars, including one across her right brow that causes that eye to look a bit squinty. She's wiry and strong, although a bit smaller than your standard big, Hirgyae female.

The Hirgyae Kailan is extremely good at reading others and perhaps even a bit precognitive. Her powers, besides her supreme ability to predict the actions of others, are based upon speed.  She can basically move as a shadow and become incorporeal for a few moments as she does so.  She also has developed a slashing attack that imparts a burning cold into the wounds her talons make.


'Ferala is extremely difficult for others to read. She's almost completely blank. This makes her dangerous in a fight. She'll give a vicious wound without a hint of her strike beforehand.

Odd for a Hirgyae, she has an honorable nature.  Whereas most Hirgyae will have not a second thought about betraying an ally who is no longer useful, 'Ferala considers her alliances binding and will only break them if betrayed.  Her elite faction leaders know that she's honorable and won't double cross them if they don't do so to her, but some of them are still trying to knock her from power for their own gains.  'Ferala has stayed leader this long because she absolutely crushes any who dare stand against her.

Being Hirgyae Kailan is a difficult position. The Kailan can't do anything too radical, or she'll lose the support of the elite faction leaders. Sending eggs to Bishen Realm was fairly risky and has earned her some "bad press", despite the fact that it worked and the wyrms are all surviving. In her heart, 'Ferala knows that the Hirgyae's current way of life is at an end. Still, she's playing the delicate game of trying to save her people while not losing her place as leader.

Bishen Realm

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